24 ways to style chest of drawers (2023)

No matter what size or shape your room is, or what you use it for, there are plenty of innovative things you can do to make your chest of drawers a stand-out feature. Read on for 24 inspirational ways to style your chest of drawers.

1. Open up a corner by adding height

24 ways to style chest of drawers (1)

St. Ives chest of drawers

If you have a corner-positioned chest of drawers and want to create height and add visual interest, a tall vase with slender dried or fresh flowers is a great idea. Accompany with a gathering of smaller accessories that will enrich the overall look. We love how these classic pieces complement the simple, rustic chic of the beautiful natural oak top.

2. Display artwork while optimising space

24 ways to style chest of drawers (2)

Romsey chest of drawers

A chest of drawers is a great way to display artwork, providing you get the balance right. For larger pieces position on the surface or hang around 8 inches above so it isn’t too removed from the rest of the display. Add a few minimalist accessories and a rug in neutral tones to draw the eye in.

3. Reclaim a corner with a bold and personal touch

24 ways to style chest of drawers (3)

Bevel chest of drawers

By combining a statement artwork with some of your favourite jewellery or trinkets, you can add personality and character to even the smallest corners of your room. Make sure the pieces are spaced evenly and don’t overwhelm the surface area. Consider adding accessories in complementing colours on the adjacent furniture to optimise the space further.

4. Create a beautiful ensemble

24 ways to style chest of drawers (4)

Original Rustic chest of drawers

For those who love styling that simply flows throughout the space, selecting a few complementary pieces from the same range or in similar woods brings a wonderful cohesion to your decor. Combined with the country cottage chic of the accessories, the solid oak king-size bed, double wardrobe and bedside table from our ever-popular Original Rustic range creates a fresh, airy space you’ll love to come home to.

5. Revel in nature from the comfort of your bedroom

24 ways to style chest of drawers (5)

Romsey chest of drawers

Whatever the season, introducing some nature-inspired elements into your scheme adds a beautiful freshness to your room. We love how the botanical theme extends throughout the bedroom, bringing out the sunny tones in the timber of these pieces from our Romsey range. If your space can accommodate it, positioning your dressing table by the window is a great idea for making the most of the natural light. You can increase the sense of space with a mirror.

6. Create visual interest by varying height

24 ways to style chest of drawers (6)

Brooklyn chest of drawers

To create visual interest, include items in various heights to create visual balance and draw the eye upward, making the space around your chest of drawers feel larger. Tall table lamps, vases or artwork are easy ways to do this.

7. Relax in floral freshness

24 ways to style chest of drawers (7)

Shay chest of drawers

Bring the springtime into your bedroom all year round by placing a beautiful bloom on your chest of drawers. Emphasise the display by positioning a mirror to the side, or behind, and match with floral accessories or wall hangings.

8. Define a space with bold lines

24 ways to style chest of drawers (8)

Bevel chest of drawers

Bring out the beautiful simplicity of our more contemporary oak furniture with some strategically placed artworks in statement frames. Add smaller pieces to the side and on the floor to break up the display and create balance.

9. Create harmony with lower pieces

24 ways to style chest of drawers (9)

Shay 7-drawer chest | @laurahomeandlifestyle

Long, lower chests of drawers are wonderful spaces for displaying your treasures. By staggering the height of these accessories as well as the wall hangings you reclaim some height and get the best of both worlds.

10. Create a soft finish

24 ways to style chest of drawers (10)

Orrick chest of drawers

A great way to complement a chest of drawers with rounded edges is to opt for a few softly-contoured decorations like these lovely ceramic pieces. The flowers add further interest and freshness with their colours accentuated by the plinth and jewellery.

11. Incorporate different textures

24 ways to style chest of drawers (11)

Hercules chest of drawers

This chest of drawers creates a wonderful impact in any room. By accessorising with wall hangings and accessories in bold and interesting textures you’ll create a display that’s full of character but doesn’t overwhelm your space.

12. Add warmth with minimalism

24 ways to style chest of drawers (12)

Copenhagen chest of drawers

Minimalism needn’t mean compromising on warmth. These elegant vases, combined with the slim frame and tapered legs of our Copenhagen unit, creates a welcoming, well-balanced display, particularly against the rich, vibrant hue of the wall.

13. Incorporate trays to display smaller objects

24 ways to style chest of drawers (13)

Copenhagen 5-drawer chest

If display space is at a premium use a tray or bowl to keep your bits and bobs in place while providing room for the pieces around it. By carefully positioning all the objects to balance the varying heights and shapes you can ensure the area doesn’t look cluttered.

14. Create a sanctuary with calm neutrals

24 ways to style chest of drawers (14)

Brindle chest of drawers

This is a great idea for both bedrooms and bathrooms. By positioning a chest of drawers in front of neutral colours and incorporating some glass or ceramic accessories in similar hues, you’ll enjoy the sense of sanctuary and respite you’ve been waiting for.

15. Get the New York loft look

24 ways to style chest of drawers (15)

Boston chest of drawers

If you love the modern, industrial look but want to keep a softness to your living space, combine pieces from our popular Boston range with smooth, minimalist ceramics, soft furnishings and understated flooring.

16. Add depth with metallic hints

24 ways to style chest of drawers (16)

Parquet chest of drawers | @willowandmaine

Our Parquet sideboard looks beautiful paired with an oversized mirror with gold detailing. Inky blue walls add extra drama to the space and create a cosy backdrop for mealtimes.

17. Make the most of your alcove

24 ways to style chest of drawers (17)

Hercules chest of drawers

We absolutely love how the striking presence of our Hercules chest of drawers owns this alcoved space. Create further height and space by adding accessories in different heights and subtly contrasting shades and textures.

18. Celebrate your natural light

24 ways to style chest of drawers (18)

Parquet chest of drawers | @atnumberfourteen_

By selecting good quality oak furniture with warm hues and adding some neutral ceramics or accessories you can optimise your natural light, no matter what size and shape your room. Delicate plants with far-reaching stems or generous blooms will also help add space.

19. Playful designs for children’s rooms

24 ways to style chest of drawers (19)

Romsey 7-drawer chest | @athomewithellesmith

With its curved edges and homely natural oak, our Romsey chest of drawers is the perfect choice for children’s bedrooms. With seven drawers, this offers spacious storage for everyting from clothes to toys, plus you can style the top with all your favourite furry friends.

20. Have fun with bold shapes

24 ways to style chest of drawers (20)

Hove chest of drawers

Don’t you just love the way the unusual shape of the accessories complements the retro modern feel of our Hove range? Add in a geometric artwork or two and you’ve got a display to be truly proud of.

21. Create contrast with your wall colour

24 ways to style chest of drawers (21)

Parquet small sideboard | @insidenumber.3

22. Embrace Scandi chic

24 ways to style chest of drawers (22)

Copenhagen 7-drawer chest | @renovating_wynd_house

Scandi chic continues to enjoy huge popularity, and with good reason. Our Copenhagen design features pleasing clean lines and is made from beautiful natural oak that looks perfectly at home in any setting.

23. Go for all white interiors

24 ways to style chest of drawers (23)

Brompton 7-drawer chest

Create an elegant bedroom set-up with our Brompton collection. This beautiful painted off-white range features gunmetal hardware and a contrasting pale grey ash top and offers stylish storage that’s perfect for a restful sleep sanctuary.

24. Go for blue tones

24 ways to style chest of drawers (24)

Highgate 8-drawer chest

Make an impact with the Highgate chest of drawers. The inky blue painted finish creates a lovely contrast when paired with light blue walls, while the rustic oak top brings in added warmth.

We hope these tips have given you some inspiration for how to style your chest of drawers. Why not kickstart your journey today and shop some chests of drawers near you?

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